Monday, 31 January 2011

Things I Haven't Done Recently

The annual balloon festival was on at Chateau d'Oex (quite near here) last week, and we ummed and aahed and then didn't go. Reto was a bit sad because he's just bought a fancy (= expensive) new camera and missed out on an opportunity to use it, but then he had a look at the pictures he took when we went there a few years ago and was appeased.

Monday, 17 January 2011

Nonie Update

You'll all be pleased to know that No continues to be the cutest baby ever. As of this morning (and a visit to the doctor) she weighs in at a whopping 7.9kg, and 72cm (which is actually not whopping at all). Her latest skills include sitting up unassisted (although sometimes there is a bit of falling over involved), saying "doi doi doi" a lot, and flirting outrageously with every woman over the age of about 50 in sight. Really, we can't get through the shortest of bus trips without the No grinning and batting her eyelashes at every potential grandmother around, and thus forcing me into a conversation about how old she is, how adorable she is, how blue her eyes are, and (funnily enough) whether she's a girl or a boy. I am the master of baby small-talk.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Token Effort

I've been inspired to post something new on my blog, partially because, just now as I was having a look through it trying (unsuccessfully) to find something I may have written some years ago, I realised how entertaining and delightful it once was, and partly because one of my devoted fans recently asked me "Are you ever going to put anything new on your blog? I'm fed up with that stupid picture of snow" (or something similarly rude).


"Doodiwindi"*? On the "Macyntyre river"? Seriously, Le Temps, I know that Australia is a far-off and probably not even real land, but don't you have subeditors or something who can check that you don't just make up the names of towns? The Macintyre river misspelling wasn't too bad, but it is the river that ran through the town where I grew up, and therefore my outrage is disproportionate.

* I assume this is meant to be Goondiwindi

The Old New Me

Oops. For the second year in a row I forgot to take note of the anniversary of my new surname. Which was about a week ago now. Happy 3rd birthday, my new name!