Thursday, 10 February 2011

Possibly Forever After All

I found my diamond! Reto called the jewellery shop people and they said there was nothing they would do for me (apart from replace the stone at my expense), so I decided the time had come to actually look for the original. A quick minute or so of sweeping found it. It was on the floor under our toilet. I should have tried that days ago, but the potential for not finding it was a bit discouraging.

Hurray for my reputation as the finder of things remaining unsullied (incidentally, I also found the lost beanie in that post). And hurray for my marriage not falling apart (symbolically or otherwise)!


Anonymous said...

So much for customer service. It seems pretty clear from looking at your fingers and at the ring in the picture that you have not been spending the past years trying to claw your way out of a cave in the Swiss Alps, nor have you been married for decades.
Since it should be the expectation that a wedding band lasts more than 3 years under normal use, the jewelry shop should have offered you at least a replacement stone at price they have to pay to the dealer.

Steph said...

So you lost a diamond and instead of looking for it you blogged about it. How modern.

rswb said...

I was fairly appalled that they wouldn't do much about it too. Now they're charging me 50 francs or so to have it put back in (and I won't get it back for about 6 weeks, although that's not entirely their fault).

Apparently there was a one year warranty on the ring. Lame.