Thursday, 6 November 2008

Getting Older

Today I killed the gnome that Reto gave me for my birthday. I dropped it on the neighbour's (2 floors down) balcony.

The other day some of the groceries I bought at Migros didn't make it all the way home (who knows what happened. Maybe they fell out of my bag, maybe I never put them in. Who knows).

And I've lost my favourite beanie. Now I only have the blue one that makes me look enormous-headed.

Normally I never lose anything. Possibly I'm turning into my sister. Did I ever mention the time she lost her glasses and I found them (undamaged!) in the gutter, hidden under leaves, on a major road about 5 blocks from where we lived?


Steph said...

It's just a rumour that I always lose things. I'm pretty sure you started the rumour after the glasses incident.

rswb said...

Yeah, right.